Friday, February 4, 2011

One year PLUS and counting...

Hey, everyone!

So after all my waiting for my first Lockaversary...I completely dropped the ball on posting about it.

The first year was wonderful! My hair is healthy and happy and ready for oils.  Additionally, my consultant told me that my hair doesn't seem dry so I won't need to start conditioning after washes.  All told, IT'S WONDERFUL!  So take a look at my first few months...

These (above) were all from February/March of 2010.

These (below) are from late 2010.  What a difference some months can make!!

 The bf!  Isn't he adorable??

Side eye!  LOL (i like what my hair looks like in this one)

So yes, if you are just starting out - KEEP THE FAITH!  This is a journey.  Enjoy every step and every challenge.  Even my skin has changed from leper to lovely!! My consultant is also a wonderful woman - other consultants should take note.  She decided - as a thank you gift - to give her clients Knotty Boy shampoos FOR FREE!  She ordered them for us :) Isn't that awesome? 

Anyway, it's been a good year.  Thanks to my followers, lurker, and the such - it's been a great blog year too.  

Until next time
~ The Lioness