Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Eleven months!! And the past few months...

Hello, all!
Act I.
It's been a minute but this PhD thing is NO JOKE! Over the past months, I have been really doing mostly the pipe cleaner curls or wearing it straight.  I'm still holding onto the routine of washing with Oyin Handmade (#oyinhandmade lol) Grand Poo Bar and using their leave-ins.  This month, for the very first time, I had to go to a different consultant - Stephanie.  Stephanie had 3 daughters and all were sisterlocked!! And those babies looked amazing.  They were 4, 6, and 14 and all of them were in love with their little long locks :)

Act II.
In case you all don't know about this lady, Loc Rocker (also Clumps of Mascara blogstress), her blog is on point and OFTEN updated.  You should definitely check that sister out.
Loc Rocker is not only informative and timely, but she's funny and so very real.

Act III.
So next month is one year and everyone compliments these babies and say that my consultant has done an excellent job. I agree wholeheartedly! Next year, I want to try more styles and be more creative with the locks.

Act IV.
Question: How does your man feel about your natural or locked hair?  This guy I've been dating said that most men should be excited to know that their woman is confident enough to be herself in every way.  And that she has nothing to hide :p  I often catch him playing with a lock or two in the back of my head when we're watching a movie or TV.  It's really gratifying.  But I've also been met with the following comments from other men:

"You know you're gonna be bald headed again when you get sick of those.  I don't like bald headed chicks" - to that I say, who cares what you like?

"You're pretty for a natural chick" - that's not a compliment, dude

"Don't you like to look more clean and polished?" - I'm clean and polished, no creamy crack or weave necessary.

Let me know what you've heard!

Until next time, pretties!

The Lioness :)

My sister and I kicking it at the family reunion back in July.  It was HOT down in Lady Lake, FL.  My hair was quite looks like it did when I tried pinning it up the other week.

This is a member of my family.  Please keep the laughing to a minimum.

My crude attempt at an updo after having my curls drop at my mom's work Christmas party.  I was dancing my behind off with those older folks :)