Sunday, July 24, 2011

Finally a ponytail!!

As a runner, I have been very frustrated about not being able to slap my hair in a ponytail and get it off my neck and out of my face.  I put headbands on, but the neck was still being slapped with sweaty hair that was doing nothing but making me hotter.  

But today!!! Today I found a great YouTube video that showed me how to put these rowdy teenage locks into a ponytail.  Check sistergirl out!  She has some good videos with clear instruction.

Here are some pictures of my attempt to mimic it - it's not awesome, but it definitely serves the purpose for which it was sought.  All you need is a ponytail holder (elastic) and some hair pins!

I decided not to twist the entire front just to see how it looked - I liked!! A lot!  Wearing it out tomorrow :)

Wish I could show you a better photo of the twists but they're just flat twists, lol.

If you're worrying, I'm on my 18th month of being locked and I'm still LOVING IT!  The athlete in me loves the ease and flexibility of the style.  The fashionista in my loves the versatility and the stylishness.  Definitely a winner with me.  And I'm not going back to the shaved head any time soon.  Thanks for those who read my blog (especially my boyfriend...hi, baby!)