Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Skin Update!

Over the past year, I think I may have spent close to $500 on trying to clean up and clear up my skin.  Who would have thought that less than $1 would actually do the trick? What's the secret? BAKING SODA!

For the past two weeks, every other day, I've been applying a baking soda paste to my face for 10 minutes.  And it's worked like a charm! Along with my regular daily regimen of using my Clarisonic (which is still AMAZING), the baking soda has dried up the acne and smoothed it out in the process.  It has been important to tone and moisturize after the application but that's nothing that I've not been doing already.  I will be putting up some pictures next week.

Speaking of next week, I am running in the Shamrock Half Marathon next Sunday with my friends Louise and LJ.  They are some of the greatest women I know - real hardcore, public health loving ladies! The pic below is of us when we ran the VA Beach Rock N Roll Half Marathon back in September 2009. 

 LJ, Louise, and me!

My running lifestyle is one of the biggest reasons I got sisterlocks.  I tried to workout regularly with the coils (when I was in the process of making traditional locks) but they would become undone with the sweat and they became a pain to maintain.  Sisterlocks allow me to be active and to wash my hair enough to not feel like I'm walking around with "sweat head". 

If you have any questions about the baking soda regimen, the Clarisonic, working out, or running, let me know! 

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


YAY! I got into a doctoral program -- and I'm so pleased about it! And I'm super hyped that I'll be able to experience my sisterlocks in school.  Now, I'm sure that professionalism will always be key - but I'm can't be happier that I can rock sneakers and jeans on a daily basis if I wanted to, LOL!
So my babies are almost 2 months old and here is how I feel about them:
2) Not as hard to take care of them as I was prepared to do

Okay, so while that may not be the most descriptive description, it does truly speak to how I feel.  I went to chapter meeting a few days ago and I got some awesome compliments.  However I did have to laugh when one soror asked me what I had done. When I told her that my hair was in sisterlocks, she was super interested. But when I told her they were permanent (because in my mind, they are just as permanent as any other kind of lock) - she almost flipped out.  She acted like I just told her that I had baby snakes growing in my head and I intended on harvesting them for their snake eggs (okay, maybe she wasn't quite like that).  But either way, her response hit me in the wrong way. are some pics from a week or so ago!

(The shirt says "every damn day just do it" - pretty much how I feel about life)

Well, until next time folks!! Love others...and stop living like this is just the dress rehearsal!