Thursday, September 23, 2010

The New Regimen :)

Hello, again!  I just remembered that I needed to provide a little update on my regimen.

Before I reached the 6 month mark, I was washing every 10 days instead of every 7 days.  I did this because I was having slippage and after my month 2 retightening, my SL consultant suggested that I try it.  And it worked!  In June, my consultant said I could stop braiding and banding because my babies had finally settled :) So with that in mind, there have been some other changes.

Washing - Squeaky Green Bar (Lush) or Grand Poo Bar (Oyin Handmade) every 7 days...on Saturdays usually.  I have been air drying and (with the permission of my consultant) blow drying if I'm in a hurry.  The blow dryer is one of those diffusers.  When I air dry, I soak up the excess with a super absorbant towl first and then I let it hang!!

Oils - My consultant started suggesting I use a bit of oil on my hair now that it's gotten settled.  Now, I'm a cheapy one when I'm not sure which kind to use so right now, I'm trying out this tea tree mixture of some sort that I got from Walmart.  No mineral oil or anything in it - so I figured I'd give it a go. When I can remember the name, I'll put it in my next post.  But I only put that in like once a week (when I don't forget).

Leave-in conditioner - Oyin Handmade's Juices N Berries and Greg Juice on the DAILY.  I'm thinking of getting the some more of the Carols Daughter Black Vanilla.  I like the way it smells - and I feel "earthy and serious" when I use it.  That's when I put on my browns, tans, and orange hues and say words like "conjecture". 

So that's the "regimen", if you can call it that. 

Shout out to all the followers (especially my home girl Tiffiany!) - you all are going to make me feel special or something!! LOL

Side note - I love HDTV. It motivates me to do this work that hopefully, in 3 years, will lead to some more letters behind my name.

The Lioness

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I'm back!

Hello, hello!  It's good to be back.  I was definitely starting my PhD program and unfortunately, I hadn't gotten a real hold on my schedule.  But that is (hopefully) a thing of the past.

Hair update: DOING GREAT!  My SL consultant told me that my hair has "settled" and I don't have to braid and band any longer.  YAY!  So now, I use the Squeaky Clean bar from Lush and the Grand Poo Bar from Oyin Handmade.  The latter leaves my hair feeling the best out of the two.  I have also been using Greg Juice and Juices and Berries from Oyin Handmade.  SHOUT OUT TO OYIN!

Skin Update: Look at the picture at my White Coat Ceremony!  My skin is doing wonderfully.  Between the ProActiv and the baking soda, the acne doesn't stand a chance.  Yes, I still have a few pimples here and there - but NOTHING last this time last year.  My ex (yes, we parted ways) saw me recently and commented on how nice it looks.  One guy I went out with actually called me skin beautiful.  Didn't think I'd ever hear THAT again!!

Okay, so here are some pictures.  I really need to try more styles and do more with my hair but I've been scared to do much.  It's not long enough to be put up and the freestyle look is kinda getting old with me.  I'm going to be YouTube-ing for new styles.  Any suggestions???

May you each be blessed and wonderfully empowered.  Remember that God lives in each of you and He has deemed you a ruler over your entire life.  Be well! Very well!

First day of school (yes, I have a backpack!)

White Coat Ceremony ~ Skin looks magical!

Sisterlocks in the Mud  with my bestie Weaze
- YMSCA Mud Run in Norfolk, VA
Skydiving - the sisterlocks were flying!