Monday, December 10, 2012


Yesterday, I had a chance to see some great friends and get out of the fog that kept me from this blog for so long.  My wonderful boyfriend (still the same a few weeks, it will be TWO years together YOWZAH!) has been mentioning my hiatus for a while but it wasn't until my good girlfriend, let's call her Locked&Lovely (L&L), expressed disappointed in her not seeing anything from the blog in a while.

So A LOT has happened.  I started my PhD - about a year from finishing, went to Panama, the Bahamas, and Cozumel, spent two years with a wonderful man, and my hair has grown out of control! Check out the pictures...

Early 2012 - Hair hadn't quite reached my shoulders yet

Ugly Christmas sweater party 2011 - put my hair up in a style so cute that it made the sweater look good!

Me and my homie, VP on St. Patty's Day 2012

Curly Q hair!

Spring 2012 - at the dentist's

Summer 2012 - Curly Q again...this time the curls didn't turn out so great

Cinco de Mayo 2012 - Hair was in a "growth spurt" Lol

Summer 2012...Weird curl...or whatever...My hair was very awkward this summer

March 2012 - on my way to Panama with the BF

Office FLOW!  Summer 2012 finally got a cubicle


PONYTAILS! -- Now HOW LONG have I wanted this?? It's so HERE!

My niece giving me so much love!

In lights in the background...feeling very model-like

NYE 2011 with the BF.  Coordinating my heel bottoms with his shirt...FLY :) Put my hair up in a style I found on YouTube. 

Ponytails on the cruise to the Bahamas for the BF's family reunion.  My family reunion was in Tennessee...go figure! Haha  The ponytail was just beginning to be huge but was a great option, nonetheless.

Tried a bun...Only once...not because I didn't like it - just felt like I wasn't doing it justice

MY CONSULTANT!  SHE'S AMAZING.  Danielle Akins is a God-send and I will always love her. She even came to hang with me on my birthday.  Crazy night :)

Danielle set my hair on pipe cleaners and I went to Hot Yoga...homegirl warned me!

My mommy and I finding matching outfits for Black Girls RUN! Drive to End Hunger 5k/10K and Conference weekend.  We wore grey/black and purple/black.  She's amazing!

My mommy is FINE!  There's that ponytail again :)

Did a side-pin up.  Did not like it.  But love moms!

On the snorkeling boat in the Bahamas with Atlantis in the background

Not in the my room... but boy, my hair has grown.  It was in the collar of that sweater lol

Day of my qualifying exam - ALL CURLS!

There's that ponytail's a staple!

And finally, BF and I in Panama in the Panama Canal.  Hair feeling like a vacation in itself.

Having locs has been such a blessing. For the first time EVER, I have been in love with my own hair.  I'm proud of my hair.  Though I'm not sure whether I've just grown personally or my hair is JUST that fly...but either way, I love me and I love my hair!  

I will post more frequently...won't let a year+ go by again.  January will be year 3 of being locked and loving it.  Hopefully, you all will see engagement and wedding pics with locked hair in the next couple of years...we shall see!!

The Lioness!